Reach customers ready to move.

Finding moving customers can be challenging—considering the limited frequency in moving for the average person or business, no matter how perfectly you complete the job, repeat customers are unlikely to keep your business afloat. On MoverMatch.com, customers can not only see your detailed bid on their moving project, they can view your credentials, insurance information, and feedback from those who have chosen your business in the past.

Fill gaps in your moving team’s schedule.

Moving trucks and equipment can’t pay for themselves if they are sitting idle. Using the MoverMatch.com platform as a moving services provider, you can bid on moving jobs that fit those gaps in your schedule. Many retail or restaurant moves happen over weekends or evenings, opening up more money-making opportunities for your business.


Get started gaining moving market share today.

At MoverMatch.com, we partner with large and small moving companies alike, and provide the level playing field you have been looking for in the moving marketplace. If you provide excellent customer service, reliable crews who arrive on time, and bring in moving projects on budget, we can’t wait to hear from you!

What are the benefits of our bidding and payment system?

Moving companies only bid for the jobs you want to do, and counteroffer if your bid is rejected and you want to compete for the job. Customers pick the moving companies that have the right price, best moving services, and availability they need. Then let MoverMatch.com collect a non-refundable deposit and the full and final amount on the day of the job. No more on-site cash collections. Minimize loss and theft opportunities with digital payments. No more bounced checks. No more on-site haggling. We will deposit the money directly to your account once the job is complete.


Cost to moving companies

MoverMatch.com has a low monthly subscription to promote your services. For only 19.99 per month you can bid on every job that meets your mover criteria. Do you specialize in moving office spaces? Bid on unlimited office relocations. Want to squeeze in a small residential move on the same day as another small move in the same neighborhood? MoverMatch.com helps you maximize the value of your fleet by promoting your services to customers who need what you offer.

Cost to Schedule a move and collect payments

MoverMatch.com charges a 15% brokerage fee for every move you schedule on our platform as well as to collect payments on your behalf. Once your bid is accepted by a customer, you can schedule and collect your fee through our secure online platform. Customers secure your time with a non-refundable deposit-yours to keep if they cancel last minute. Best of all, customers fees are collected in advance of the move time and held securely until the move is complete. Once complete, the funds are automatically transferred to your account.


Download our app and to bid on jobs at anytime and from anywhere.

Download our app and bid on jobs at anytime, from anywhere. Customers looking for your services at your fingertips! Never miss a call or an opportunity to bid on a job.

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