Frequently Asked Questions

Is for people who are moving … or moving companies?



What is

It’s an all-in-one marketing platform, brokerage service, and customer management system that drives organic leads directly to your services. When potential customers are searching, and your services fit their needs, we make the “mover match” on your behalf.

When I signed up it was free. Will I be charged?

Our subscription is absolutely free until June 2021. After this, the subscription cost is $19.99 per month.

What happens if a customer cancels their moving service?

We send the customer’s non-refundable 10% deposit directly to your bank account. We require a small commission fee for facilitating credit card transitions—but that’s it. Trust us, our commission fee is far less than those “no deposit required” cancellations.

How do I receive payments?

Via our secure payment gateway that helps reduce theft and loss. You get paid in full when the job is marked complete by the customer—onsite—via a digital confirmation. First, you’ll send us a notification via the app that you’ve finished the job. Then, we’ll send the customer a text message so they can reply yes that the job is complete and provide 1-5 star ratings for five categories.

If a customer is satisfied, the funds will then be transferred immediately, although some banks may impose holds on transfers. After that, we’ll send payment directly to your bank account or card that you’ve added to your profile.

What fees do you charge for a booking?

Our fees are 15% of the jobs you book through our platform. We regulate this and also provide discretion for customers by only providing customer-to-mover contact after the negotiating is done and the deposit has been made.

What happens to my payment if a customer isn’t satisfied?

If the customer wishes to challenge the completion of the job, they will have to open a ticket to challenge your moving company. We will hold the funds and the negative review for 72 hours while the conflict is being resolved. We encourage you to speak with the customer directly and work together to finish the job and tie up any loose ends based on the customer’s feedback.

We will reach out to the customer again after 72 hours to check in with them. If they are still unhappy, we will have to release funds to your moving company, and the client will have the right to open a small claims suit against your company if they choose.

How does the app work?

The app is pretty much identical to our desktop site—why reinvent a perfect wheel?—so you won’t have to learn a new system. You can download the app In the App Store or Google Play.

How much does the app cost?

It’s free! There is no cost to download if you’ve already subscribed to

After I sign up, what are my next steps?

Complete your profile! The more information you can add, the more job matches we’ll be able to make on your behalf. Have your licenses, insurance, specialties, an idea of how far you’re willing to travel for a job, and bank details on hand.

How can I update my profile?

Go to and login or download and use our mobile app to edit your profile.

How do I review requests and make bids?

In the Marketplace, you will see a job board that will only show job listings that might be a good fit for your moving company based on location, specialty, size, and logistics of the move. When you see a job you’re interested in, you can choose to bid on the job by selecting one of the preset proposal options or by adding a customized offer. If your bid is in range with the customer’s budget, we’ll send the mover your bid for their consideration.

How do customers choose which moving company they’d like to work with?

They can compare bids and availability from multiple movers. Once a customer chooses which bid they’d like to move forward with and makes a deposit, our team will reach out to help set the date/time of the move and facilitate payment. Once everything is set, we’ll connect you directly to your new customer.

How do I connect with the customer?

At first, all communication is done via our chat feature within the app. Once you book a job, we’ll connect you directly to your new customer.

How will I know if my bid is accepted and I book the job?

You’ll receive a notification in the app.

Can customers leave reviews on

Yes! After the job is complete, we’ll ask them for feedback on their experience with your moving company on things like punctuality, professionalism, hygiene, etc.


How do I choose the moving company I’d like to use?

You can compare bids and availability from multiple movers. Once you choose which bid you’d like to move forward with and make a deposit, our team will reach out to help set the date/time of the move and facilitate payment. Once everything is set, we’ll connect you directly to your moving company.

How do I connect with the moving company?

At first, all communication is done via our chat feature within the app. Once you decide which company you’d like to partner with, we’ll connect you directly to them.

Can I leave reviews?

The app is currently only for moving companies who need to check for jobs and make bids regularly.

What information will I need to give in order to sign up?

Your email, password, name, location, the type of move you’re competing—residential, office, retail, etc.—where you’re moving from and where you’re going, how many rooms, whether or not there are stairs, the dates/times you’re looking for, and your budget. We’ll guide you through the whole process as you start to answer questions—and we will NOT give your information to any moving companies until your booking is complete!

What happens to my profile once I’m done with my move?

You can keep your profile active for the next time you move, or you can use your profile to help someone else move—family member, business, etc.

Is there a sign-up cost to use

Not for customers! A small percentage of your moving total is paid by the moving company. In this way, we act as an agent of the moving company. Moving companies are incentivized to keep their cost competitive for your business because they cannot see the other bids you get. In this way, you can expect the bid to be based on the required number of laborers, time, gas and truck use, and any additional resources needed to get you to your final location.

We receive a percentage of the total cost of your move, and this fee is already part of the total amount you agree on when you book your move.

How much do moving companies charge?

Moving companies will provide an estimate based on their hourly rate and distance of your move. Some charge mileage for all legs of the journey, from the moving company to your home, to the new location, and back to the moving company Others may charge by weight plus a flat fee for longer-distance moves. Using MoverMatch, you will receive accurate estimates from all types of companies.

Should I tip my moving company?

Movers provide a service and, like most service providers, it is appropriate to tip your crew based on excellent performance, but this is entirely your choice. Many people will tip individual crew members $4-6 per person, per hour for satisfactory service, and sometimes more for excellent care and exceptional efforts. It is also fine to offer non-alcoholic beverages and snack foods if you wish, and it is expected that you will provide a restroom at the moving locations.

Do moving companies disassemble furniture?

Most moving companies offer furniture disassembly for an additional fee, or the cost may be covered by the basic hourly rate. Beds, shelving units, and entertainment centers are often disassembled for moving. Movers will not take apart antiques, pool tables, or furniture that is glued or nailed together because the risk of damage is too great. Even if you have a bulky item that cannot be disassembled, mention this in your request for a quote because professional movers have hoists and other equipment that can handle most problem items.

Do moving companies pack my belongings for me?

Almost all movers offer packing and unpacking services for an additional fee. Professional packers use the safest and most efficient packing techniques and materials. You can have the movers pack all or some of your items, reducing the stress of preparing for a move and the physical strain of packing up an entire household.

What should I look for in a moving company?

Choosing the best moving company available is very time-consuming unless you use a service like MoverMatch. Here you can review all the information you need to choose the one with the:

  • Best recommendations and positive reviews
  • Tea
  • Most years of experience
  • Customized services you want
  • Licenses, insurance, or professional affiliations
  • Availability to fit your moving schedule requirements

Do moving companies work in the rain and snow?

Absolutely they do. Not only are professional movers prepared to work in rain or snow, they have the supplies needed to protect your items from bad weather during transport and to avoid tracking mud onto your new carpets. Of course, the more you can clear your driveway and entry areas of snow or mud, the easier it will be for everyone. On your end, as the customer, you are responsible for providing a reasonably safe working environment (salting ice patches, making sure there is adequate lighting, etc.). We also recommend checking your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to make sure it covers your liability for on-premises work.

Why hire a moving company?

Moving yourself is not only stressful, it is time-consuming and physically exhausting. A wrenched back or pulled ligament caused by doing more than you should is a long-term pain you can avoid by hiring people who do this kind of work daily. Movers also have the special equipment needed, and the expertise to get your things around those tight corners without damaging your property. For the most enjoyable, safe, and efficient moving experience, professional movers are the way to go.

If you still have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.