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Where Are Americans Moving in 2021?


In 2020, life as we know it drastically changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Unsurprisingly, one of the impacts of the pandemic is that there was an increase in movement as Americans migrated to other parts of the country. Research shows that 20% of Americans have moved or know someone who has moved due to the pandemic. The trend is expected to increase by as much as 20% in 2021.

Where are people moving to?

Before we look at the most popular destinations, let’s quickly look at some of the reasons Americans are moving.

Reasons Americans Are Moving

While the pandemic is the primary driver of movement, other underlying factors have led to the mass movement across the country. Here are the most prominent ones:

Shift in Economy

One of the main reasons for the sharp rise in movement is the shift in the economy. With many businesses closing and personal budgets tightening, more and more Americans plan to relocate to areas where the cost of living is lower. This is why cities are experiencing a greater exodus as people are moving away from them to rural or suburban areas. Research shows that Americans living in urban areas are twice as likely to move out as their suburban counterparts.

Remote Work

Another reason behind the increase in movement is the rise in remote work. With people no longer shackled to their desks and free to work from anywhere, they now have alternatives to the expensive cities they live in. Data shows that the rise in remote work could lead to as many as 23 million people migrating from their current locations.

The Desire for Less Populated Areas

With the science community warning that the pandemic spreads faster in densely populated areas, more and more people migrate in search of less populated areas. This demographic group is also lured to places where they can find homes with more outdoor space. This is why the most populated cities (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.) are experiencing the greatest number of people moving out.

Pandemic-Related Benefits

With COVID-19 ravaging many aspects of life, many people are left vulnerable. That’s why some people have opted to migrate to places that offer pandemic-related benefits. For many, this is important as it will help cushion them from the pandemic’s economic blows.

Where Are People Moving To? The Top 7 Cities Americans Are Moving To

With data showing a sharp rise in movement across the country, one question remains—where are people moving to?

Let’s take a look at the top seven cities people are flocking to and why.

1.   Boise, Idaho

One of the most sought-after states in the U.S. at the moment is Idaho. Not surprising, as the cost of living there is 8% lower than the national average. This makes it the go-to state for those migrating to escape the financial strain of city life.

As for the city receiving the most number of migrants—you guessed it. It’s Boise. This could be because it’s the capital city and has low unemployment rates.

2.   Phoenix, Arizona

Another state that has proven to be popular with Americans migrating from cities is Arizona. Well, who wouldn’t want to live in the state that’s home to the Grand Canyon and has lovely warm weather in winter?  However, the scenery and pleasant weather aren’t the only factors driving people to Arizona. Its low income tax is the main reason Americans are flocking to this state. One of the most popular cities they’re going to is Phoenix.

3.   Denver, Colorado

For those looking for an active outdoor lifestyle, one of the best cities to move to is Denver, Colorado. Hikers will enjoy the mountains in summer and snow sports in winter. Other reasons Denver is receiving a great influx of residents (especially millennials and Gen-Z) are the vibrant economy and the legalized recreational use of cannabis. Add to that the excellent schooling system, and Denver has everything for every member of the family.

4.   Rapid City, South Dakota

Known for its sparse population, the midwestern state of South Dakota has become one of the hottest destinations in America. While it’s the seventeenth-largest state by area, South Dakota is the 5th-least densely populated.

That makes it the perfect place to move to for those looking to run away from a populous city to a place where they can have more space to themselves. Because you can get more house for your money in this midwestern state, moving there is more appealing to those looking to cut down on expenses and yet enjoy a quality life.

The top city Americans are rushing to in South Dakota is Rapid City. Well known for being close to the famous Black Hills mountains, this quintessential city is a paradise.

5.   Austin, Texas

Texas has long been one of the top destinations for retirees, but, with more people looking for areas where they can have more space, it has become a highly sought-out place for people looking to move from the big cities.

high rise buildings and green trees under blue sky

Offering other perks like more remote work opportunities, “green” living, and loads of outdoor activities, cities like Austin have become a mecca for people looking to relocate in the pandemic.

6.   Raleigh, North Carolina

As more companies relocated to affordable locales like North Carolina, the Old North State became a popular destination for people seeking to flee the big cities. With a rapidly growing job market and low crime rates, among other attractions, North Carolina is, undoubtedly, a great place to move your family.

With amazing mountains within the vicinity and beautiful beaches just a few hours away, it’s no wonder that many are flocking to NC—particularly Raleigh, which is one of the top destinations.

7.   Charleston, South Carolina

Like Idaho, South Carolina also has a lower cost of living than most states. Coupled to that are the low property taxes and median home values that are also much lower than the national average. Being just a few hours from the beach or beautiful mountains, South Carolina, particularly Charleston, is one of the cities attracting a massive influx of migrants. If you’re a foodie, Charleston’s southern cuisine is definitely worth the move.

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