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The Most Affordable States to Move To in America


If you’re considering relocating to another city or state, one of the most important factors to consider is affordability. A lot goes into determining what makes an affordable state. However, the two most essential criteria are the housing costs and the cost of living.

Of course, doing your own research on the most affordable states to live in can be a daunting task. That’s why we decided to do it for you and compiled this easy-to-use list.

Where Should I Move?

Whether you’re looking to buy a house in an affordable state or simply looking to start a new life in a different place, the first question that comes to mind is “Where should I move?”

Many factors come into play when looking for an affordable place to live. Examples include the cost of:

  • Basic goods
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation

The reason you’re moving is also another determinant of where you should move. If you’re simply looking for one of the most affordable states to live in, then read on as we explore your next moving possibilities.

The Most Affordable States to Live in America

Despite the U.S. government not publishing any official data on the cost of living in different states, independent researchers provide us with that information. Dependable research on the cost of living index is published by The Council for Community and Economic Research. Based on their research, we’ve compiled this list of the 7 most affordable states to live in.

Ready to find your next home? Then let’s explore the most affordable states to live in.

1.   Mississippi

If you’re looking for the most affordable state for your next move, Mississippi should top the list. That’s because it’s been the most affordable state since 2019. One of the main reasons for that? The cost of living in Mississippi is about 15% lower than the United States average. Other factors that make Mississippi rank high include:

  • Average cost of living – $3,589
  • Median household income – $45,081
  • Median home price – $180,000
  • Median rent – $1,000

Besides the affordable cost of living, Mississippi also has a lot of employment opportunities.

2.   Oklahoma

The second most affordable state to live in is Oklahoma. With the overall cost of living index being 86.8, and with a housing index at 70.1 (the lowest in the country), Oklahoma has many things to attract people looking to migrate. Here’s some data to help paint a better picture:

  • Average cost of living – $3,037
  • Median household income – $52,919
  • Median home price – $119,800
  • Median rent – $1,000

Another of Oklahoma’s biggest attractions is the variety of natural beauty you’ll find. Add to that the rich cultural heritage, and you’ll definitely fall in love with the Sooner State.

3.   Arkansas

Reported to have a cost of living that’s about 13% cheaper than other states, Arkansas is third on our list of the cheapest places to live in. A few factors that make Arkansas an affordable state include the extraordinarily low transportation and healthcare costs. Other factors to consider include:

  • Average cost of living – $2,778
  • Median household income – $47,597
  • Median home price – $175,000
  • Median rent – $1,095

If you love the great outdoors, Arkansas is one state you must put on top of your list, as it’s famous for its sprawling mountains and natural beauty.

4.   Kansas

Few states tick all the boxes when it comes to low cost of living. Kansas is one of the few. With an average cost of living that’s approximately 10% lower than the national average, this mid-western state is definitely worth giving a shot. Need more data to help you make an informed decision? Here are a few:

  • Average cost of living – $3,162
  • Median household income – $59,597
  • Median home price – $151,900
  • Median rent – $850

Employment opportunities also abound, as Kansas has diverse industries, including food processing, alternative energy, aerospace, and more.

5.   Missouri

One of Missouri’s biggest attractions is the low cost of housing, 27% lower than the national average. With transportation costs being super cheap, you’ll certainly enjoy exploring the food, music, and lakes Missouri is known for.

  • Average cost of living – $3,203
  • Median household income – $55,461
  • Median home price – $157,200
  • Median rent – $998

With utilities and healthcare also being lower than average, Missouri definitely has to be on your map.

6.   Georgia

As you research the most affordable states to live in, Georgia will certainly pop up often. That’s because the Peach State, despite having a top city to do business in, also offers exceptionally low housing and utilities. Except for Atlanta, Georgia has a cost of living that’s lower than most states. Take a look at the statistics below, for example:

  • Average cost of living – $4,124
  • Median household income – $58,700
  • Median home price – $186,500
  • Median rent – $1,006

With one of the country’s strongest economies to boot, there’s definitely no reason Georgia shouldn’t rank high on the list.

7.   Alabama

Cheap housing and transportation are some of the major factors that put Alabama on the list. With places like Birmingham boasting a median home cost of just $65,500, you’ll be hard-pressed to find cheaper places to live in.

  • Average cost of living – $3,326
  • Median household income – $50,536
  • Median home price – $129,300
  • Median rent – $792

Alabama has a bustling economy, so employment opportunities also abound.

Aerial View of Downtown Atlanta and Olympic Park

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