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How to Start a Moving Company and Boost Business Operations


Moving companies play an essential role in our economy. People in all kinds of locations regularly look for assistance with short-, medium-, and long-distance moves. Settling on the idea of starting a moving company requires specific forms of action.

Let’s dive into the different steps to create a moving business. We’ll unpack how to scale up your moving company’s operations after we discuss the formation phase.

Create a Lean Business Plan and a Formal Business Plan

Creating a business plan can seem like a daunting prospect. It’s essential to remember that a lean plan should come before a more thorough and formal business plan. A lean business plan is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll be boiling down your moving business idea to a one-page document.

This one-page document should consist of:

  • Defining your moving company’s strategy
  • Outlining how you’ll execute this strategy
  • Organizing short- and long-term goal deadlines
  • Setting your startup budget and establishing cash flow

One-page lean business plans are far easier to receive feedback on. A person is much likely to read a shorter-length lean business plan more thoroughly before giving valuable feedback. Sending someone a large formal business plan and requesting feedback is sure to give anyone a headache. It’s vital that you use lean plan feedback to influence your more formal business plan document.

The goal of a lean business plan is to validate your assumptions. By assumptions, we mean:

  • Laying out the sales and marketing strategies that will best deliver your moving business’s value
  • Verifying that potential or hypothetical customers like your approach
  • Validating the problem you think your potential customers have

Completing the above steps will allow you to use your lean plan as an outline for your more extensive business plan.

Form a Business Plan

A business plan is a more thorough communication of your moving company’s purpose.

Typical business plan components include:

  • Customer avatars—who your ideal customer is
  • Your end goals—aiming to sell your business or hold on, etc.
  • How you’ll finance startup costs—and more

It’s a good idea to ask yourself the following questions when working to identify your customer avatar:

  1. What are the needs of my customer?
  2. What are the pain points of other moving companies?
  3. Which factors will affect my customer’s buying process?

A business thrives on its ability to solve people’s problems. You’re on the right track to success if you can learn to solve common issues that people moving still experience today.

All new businesses have startup costs. Moving services are a trade requiring specific forms of equipment that streamline movers’ work processes.

Purchase Moving Equipment

moving company

You’ll be happy to know that small moving company start up costs are relatively low compared to other industries.

The first step is to purchase a truck or van for transporting your customer’s household goods. You don’t necessarily need to buy a larger moving truck. Starting with a van should prove sufficient. Numerous people coordinate small-scale moves. Minimal moves are prevalent for people that live by themselves in household situations like apartments.

A van won’t reflect a lack of professionalism on your part. Plenty of people like working with a smaller moving operation, as their costs are generally lower.

Moving dollies provide movers with a platform on wheels that’s perfect for moving small and large items. Acquiring different types of dollies can help you suit the various needs of your moving clientele. Delivery and pickup locations will also influence the type of dolly appropriate for the moving job at hand.

Below is a quick list of less-expensive supplies that support a moving operation’s functionality:

  • Moving pads
  • Furniture belts
  • Rope
  • Moving boxes
  • Wrapping and packages materials—e.g., box-sealing tape

Moving supplies isn’t all it takes to run a successful moving business. Obtaining the necessary legal status to run your moving operation will help you establish credibility and take care of avoidable problems with the law. Examples of legal problems that a moving company can face include fines or a complete company shutdown.

Obtain Necessary Permits and Licensing

Registering with your Department of Transportation (DOT) is a moving company requirement in many regions around the country. Filing with the USDOT will follow your state DOT registration. It’s essential that you check to see if your local region has any additional licensing and regulation requirements. A county or city clerk office can help you research local licensing and regulation stipulations for your moving company.

The Importance of Service Agreements

Service agreements are documents that a customer signs to verify that they understand the company’s expectations of them as a client. Establishing service terms and conditions ahead of time will help you avoid legal trouble down the road. Payments are a common example of a condition that you should work out in advance.

Female holding a large cardboard moving box

Owning and operating a successful moving business requires quality personnel management skills. Let’s quickly cover what managing a moving crew will look like.

Manage Your Moving Crew

Personnel management will play a vital role in your ability to delegate tasks. Much of your success as a moving company manager will hinge on your ability to communicate effectively with customers and your employees.

Understanding your market will help you have positive interactions with customers and provide your employees with proper guidance and instruction.

Market Your Moving Company

Quality marketing consists of a multi-layered approach. Marketing essentially communicates your company’s image to connect with potential customers, existing customers, investors, or a community as a whole. Utilize marketing to your company in a positive light. can help you accomplish your moving company’s marketing and scale your business. Let’s dive into how we provide these services.

How Can Improve Business Operations

Locating customers when you’re a startup moving company can be difficult. allows you to place a bid on a potential customer’s move. Placing your bid leads to the customer seeing your credentials, insurance information, and prior client feedback. This kind of service is perfect for acquiring new clients and filling gaps in your existing schedule. offers you a low monthly subscription price of $19.99 a month to line up the opportunities that your moving company deserves. Scheduling a customer’s bid will result in you being able to collect a 15% broker fee. Once the job is done, you’ll receive the rest of your funds through our secure online platform.

We’re excited to help you start a moving business. Please sign up at today to start promoting your company, and contact us if you have any questions about our processes.

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