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MoverMatch.com eliminates the need to scour online search results looking for local or national movers that can handle your retail equipment and provide employee relocation services. When you do come up with a short list of possible moving companies, you will still need to match schedules, get an accurate quote, and arrange for payment.

With MoverMatch.com, you fill out one simple form and let local moving companies bid for a single job or a string of retail moves across the country.

  • We match your request with qualified retail moving companies who have schedule availability and invite them to bid on your move.
  • You provide your moving date(s) and information about your requirements one time, avoiding repeat phone calls and follow-ups with multiple movers.
  • Negotiate within our platform by rejecting over-budget quotes and allowing movers to counteroffer.
  • Movers will not receive your contact information until you accept a bid from them and are ready to move forward.
  • Avoid hard sell tactics, incomplete quotes, and all those repeat phone calls while you streamline the process of finding the best retail mover available.
  • Manage deposits and payments with the MoverMatch.com secure encrypted platform using a company credit or debit card.
  • Start using MoverMatch.com with the search form function for free today!

Quickly find the best available retail moving services.

Finding commercial moving companies that have the right experience and equipment to move bars, convenience stores, clothing outlets, or grocery stores takes time you may not have. There are so many other responsibilities involved in moving a retail store! Reviewing a concise list of qualified teams with bids attached makes MoverMatch.com the smarter way to schedule retail movers.

Finding the mover that matches your budget.

By providing information about your business size, type, and services requested, available movers can bid to win your business. Compare the credentials of movers who meet your budget and offer higher priced teams the chance to counteroffer. Your business gets the best retail relocation company for the best price with MoverMatch.com.


Discover flexible scheduling and insured retail moving.

Moving a retail store means transporting valuable stock in an orderly fashion and setting it in place at the new location without damage or breakage. Display cases, hanging racks, and breakable or perishable inventory require special packing and handling en route. Working with retail movers from MoverMatch.com offers the most flexible and specialized service available.

MoverMatch.com has the answers to your retail moving questions.

Using our service is easy and automated, but you can always reach out to our team with questions about the process or special requests you might have. We strive to help you move smarter, not harder. Contact us to find out how retail moving can be easy, fast, and affordable with MoverMatch.com!


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