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your restaurant relocation.

You might spend days doing online searches for commercial moving companies with the right equipment and experience for moving your restaurant, then comparing quotes and availability to find the best team. MoverMatch.com makes your restaurant move smarter, not harder, by matching you with qualified moving services who bid for your business.

Looking for moving quotes that fit your budget?

  • We invite qualified teams to offer bids on your move based on information you provide.
  • You can use the MoverMatch.com search function at no cost to browse available options.
  • The name, location, and contact information of your restaurant is only available to a moving company after you accept their bid, preventing unwanted contact or sales pressure.
  • By using a single form to provide accurate details about your moving criteria, your business spends less time contacting and speaking with multiple companies.
  • MoverMatch.com handles negotiations by providing a counterbid process to close the deal on your own terms.
  • Our scheduling and payment platform is safe, secure, and encrypted, allowing deposits and payments to be made by credit or debit card.

Find the best moving company—faster.

You’ve made a significant investment in your restaurant, and protecting those assets is important during a move. Dishes, glassware, kitchen equipment, furniture fixtures, signage, and artwork may need to be safely packed and transported to your new location. This makes it even more important to find the best available team to safeguard your business.

Affordable restaurant movers match your budget.

Commercial moving companies understand the importance of bidding accurately and staying on budget. With MoverMatch.com, you can avoid unexpected costs, receive accurate quotes based on your specific needs, and eliminate moving-day negotiations about walk-in freezers, brick-fired ovens, or delicate cold tables.


Discover flexible scheduling and reliable service.

Moving your restaurant is a time-sensitive project. You may need to plan for your least busy days of the week or request an early morning or late-night start time. Matching you with teams that are highly reliable and available when you need them simplifies the process and lowers the cost of lost business.

Let MoverMatch.com streamline your restaurant relocation.

Using our secure platform eliminates the need for certified checks or cash transactions on site. Professional movers and restaurant owners can work together on scheduling with complete confidence and maximum efficiency. Do you have questions about planning a restaurant move with MoverMatch.com? Contact us to find out more!


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