Our Services

MoverMatch.com connects you to moving companies who are available when you need them, can meet your budget and specialize in moving your important things. Best of all, we don’t operate like a call center. We do not share your contact information until you chose the right mover for you. No more managing inbound calls from movers who don’t match your needs. Movers bid on your job and then we connect you to the winning bidder. That is moving smarter, not harder!

Residential Movers

Match your needs with local residential movers and reliable long-distance movers who will align with your schedule and budget.

Office Movers

Work with experienced office movers who can help relocate your office or find movers to handle your new branch office opening.

Restaurant Movers

Hire local movers to pack and transport restaurant equipment safely to a new high-traffic location, or expand your restaurant chain with full service long-distance moving companies.

Retail Movers

Find a moving company that specializes in retail store moving and is fully insured to protect the value of your merchandise and display cases during transport.

Vehicle Movers

Professional movers for long-distance vehicle transport can deliver your family vehicle, RV, or classic collectible car across country, safely and reliably.

Why are we different than other moving platforms?

  • Your contact information and identity is not visible to moving companies until you accept their bid.
  • Pay through our secure platform for complete confidence.
  • Save time by detailing your requests and criteria one time rather than explaining the same information over and over.
  • Use the MoverMatch.com search form for free and avoid time-consuming follow-ups from multiple companies.

How does it work?

Fill out one simple form and let multiple movers send you bids anonymously right on our platform! We won't provide your name and number until you choose the right moving company for you. No more research and no more sales calls!

Create your profile

We will only share your contact information with the moving company you chose to do business with.

Provide details

Where does your move start? Where does it end? How many rooms do you have? What items are included? Do you want to
pack your own items or hire a professional for that? With MoverMatch.com you only have to do this one time.

Review bids and select a mover

Once you submit the details of your move, MoverMatch.com will get to work matching your move criteria to movers providing the right services for you. Your budget will remain hidden to movers and we will only show you offers within your budget. If your budget is too low we will share the top 3 bids closest to your budget.

Schedule your move and pay securely!

Once you get a bid you like, you can accept the bid and schedule your move. Choose the specific date and time for your move and make a small non refundable deposit to hold the date via our secure payment system. If the moving company cancels your deposit will be refunded. Once you pay the balance, we will provide you direct contact to your chosen moving company.