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About Movermatch

MoverMatch.com was created to solve a problem that so many of us have faced in our lives, getting all of our possessions from one home or office to another without completely disrupting our lives. Moving is hard work! Finding help can be a real struggle.

When we embarked on solving this problem, it was born out of our own need to find movers. What we found was an industry with very little transparency. Each of us had given our names and numbers to a few moving companies that we found online hoping to get information for our own residential moves, only to be bombarded with sales calls for weeks from hundreds of moving companies. Making matters worse, each time we received a call, we had to spend a lot of time itemizing our homes and detailing our moving goals. For each of us, it took several days and many collective hours to find movers that had availability and the right team to move our homes within our budgets.

With years of experience building marketplace solutions across various industries, we decided to team up and solve this problem for the moving industry. While many people are moving every day, we know that individual people don’t move everyday, so repeat business is rare in the moving industry. Unlike finding a dry cleaner that you really appreciate and use on a regular basis, finding a mover is a much more rarely used service and yet still very needed. Knowing that movers are handling your hard earned possessions and family heirlooms we also recognize that finding skilled movers is really important. When you need the help of a mover you want reliability, professionalism and industry knowledge.

After months of market research and development, we built a product that allows customers to automate the process of finding a mover and moving companies to reduce the administrative burden of scheduling, coordinating and receiving payment from their customer’s moves. We created a marketplace that showcases moving companies skills and abilities and also allows them to bid directly on jobs. MoverMatch.com is a safe, secure platform that saves everyone time and money, reduces theft and loss, and helps customers move smarter, not harder. Customers spend less time researching and finding the right moving company and moving companies have a platform created specifically for their customer management needs.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to provide a marketplace that provides customers with direct connections to the moving services they need with less work than it takes to research moving companies online and make endless calls. In creating this automated experience we provide moving customers who are ready to commit and are looking for a seamless on boarding experience to moving companies who are looking for innovative ways to find new customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to completely revolutionize the moving industry, replacing hotlines and call centers with a robust technology platform that completely disrupts the sale of contact information and spam emails, giving more resources to the consumer and greater exposure and reliability to moving companies.

Movermatch Team

Isabel Alepyan
Founder, & Head of Operations

Isabel is a veteran entrepreneur who knows a good idea when she sees it. She also has a knack for identifying untapped marketplaces in desperate need of innovation. Having successfully built several businesses spanning healthcare services and real estate, Isabel was ready for a new direct to consumer technology product. Having a first hand frustration with relocating herself and her 2 energetic twins, she had personally experienced that the moving industry was in need of a makeover. She had a clear vision for what she wanted to see and was determined to make it happen. Never one to shy away from a challenge she quickly got to work on building a team to get it done and the network needed to support it.

Amee Gray
Founder, Head of Product and Marketing

As a busy marketing strategist and Product Manager, Amee quickly saw the need for a marketplace for the moving industry, while trying to move herself and her daughter to a new home. After exhaustive industry research, Amee designed a customer matching algorithm and bidding platform that considered every need for both customers and vendors. Known for having an empathic insight to what users need and how they will most benefit from automation, Amee led a brilliant team of engineers to architect, design and build an airtight solution that innovates, removes industry barriers, and reduces theft, loss and waste. As a mother and business professional Amee knows that nothing is more precious and valuable than your time. Making smart decisions about how you spend your time always saves you money and creates personal space for making memories.